TableGen – Themes


The TableGen – Data Table Generator free plugin is an excellent plugin to generate any kinds of data tables or normal tables with your data. By default, TableGen provides a minimal and modern theme. If you are enjoying using TableGen but you want to enjoy different themes for your tables, then the Themes Extension of TableGen is your solution.

key Features: 

Why should you use Themes Extension for TableGen Plugin:

  • Themes Extension gives you a large number of themes to beautify your table and make your data looks even more pleasing to your users.
  • You can choose from 8 beautiful themes to make the design of the table match your website theme.
  • You can customize every theme however you like.
  • You can create an unlimited variation of themes using a beautiful customization panel.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Everything is crafted in a way that you can set a theme in a few clicks. Just select a theme and you are ready to go. Every theme provides a pre-made design which you can modify if you want or use it if you like.
  • All themes are available for both general table and advanced data tables.
  • Unlimited style and customization options for both data table and normal tables.
  • Very light weight.
  • Works with your plugin without needing you to perform any work of integration. Just install it and you will see the theme options will appear in your table edit screen magically.

And most importantly, your table will look better than before with this extension.

N: B – This is an extension for the TableGen plugin. This plugin is not compatible with any other plugin. Consider installing free TableGen plugin first from here.